Submission Rules & Terms

1. All entries must be in English.


2. All entries must be works that you have produced and/or own and have the rights to; which are a faith-based, inspirational or Christian concept, theme, worldview and/or subject matter. Content must be uplifting, family friendly and demonstrate Christian values.


3. All films must be uploaded via the secure online screener function of FilmFreeway or submitted on a single disc (DVD or Blu-ray) to: Houston Gospel Announcers Guild, P.O. Box 16061, Houston, TX 77222.


4. Preference will be given to films and videos filmed/shot in Houston, Texas, or surrounding areas. However, we will accept films and music videos from anywhere within the U.S.


5. Films or music videos submissions are not subject to when the work was completed. 


6. Participants can enter in multiple categories. However, the full entry fee but be paid with each individual category entered.


7. Entry fees are non-refundable. Submissions will not be processed without entry fee payment.


8. No checks will be accepted to pay submission fees, only by certified funds or online payments through the festival platform.


9. All decisions are final and can’t be appealed.


10. If selected for screening, you must submit a copy of the film or video on a single disc (DVD or Blu-Ray format) two weeks before the festival screening date.


By submitting to the festival, you confirm that you own the rights to the film or video; and you agree to allow your work to be screened and shown by the festival and used along with your name for festival promotion. This is a Christ-centered, family friendly film and music video festival. Submissions must not contain adult, inappropriate, offensive or mature content. Further, submissions must not contain nudity or sexually explicit scenes, strong violence and No horror films. Filmmakers are responsible for the accuracy of all submitted materials. The HGMC Video & Film Festival maintain the right to reject any film or music video that does not meet the above guidelines. Participation in the HGMC Video & Film Festival implies understanding and acceptance of the aforementioned rules and terms.


Awards & Prizes


  • Music Video of the Year

  • Best Short Film of the Year

  • Outstanding Feature of the Year

  • Rising Star Award

  • Best Student Film of the Year